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¥ The Varjo Kävelijä ¥

Welcome to the Shadows...

I am The Varjo Kävelijä.. or in your tounge- The Shadow Walker You may call me Jawa or Veri if you dare heed to. I am a kin of the equines.. part Arab, part Fyre Elementalist/Demon and ¼ NightMare. Beware, looks can kill..

My Sire was a renagade outlawed Arab black stallion, foaled in Xanth. My Dam was ½ Nightmare and other part demon, who was spawned in HellFire.

Not long after I was born in the land of the burning sun, my sire mysteriously vanished- leaving my dam along to raise me alone. She taught me the ways of the NightMares and how to control bend it with my will. She also taught me how to use my Fangs.. the four long sharp canines in the front of my mouth. I can kill, maul or hurt anything I wish with them.

Several decades past.. but since we were both part NightMares, we did not nor ever will age past mature. I finished my lessons, after learning all I could and bidded my Dam farwell and left her and the Lands of my birth to seek others.. equines in kin.. or my destiny.

I arrived in Rhydin not long afterwards. I did not like to travel. Some months past as I searched for others of me kind.. I soon found out I had many to meet. Many two foot's sought to ride me, but soon found out just how deadly NightMares can be when provoked..I have yet to see a worthy opponent..

Once, when I was wondering, I came upon a black stallion by the name of Rhysan. He enthalled me and soon asked me to join his newly formed herd (The Herds of Rhysan-THoR), which I agreed to.

Soon.. I began to think. I did not want to have anyone hurt if I got into something I couldn't handle...Sadly,I bidded Rhysan and the herd, knowing that my nightmare part didn't belong there. Rhysan deserved better.

Now.. I walk alone, sad, but still running with my ways. ::gives a long sad sigh as she glances off looking like she's not even there:: ::suddenly she snaps out of it:: Oh.. I'm sorry.. er.. well anyway as I was saying, I like to visit around and get into brawls sometimes.. ::grins lightly, showing a hint of her canines:: It keeps me in practice.

creatures have come to the dark side and lived to tell about it...