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Welcome   to   the   Satin   Slipper   Sweet   Shoppe!

::You walk through of what seems to be doors on the side of a slipper shaped building:: ::Curious,you look around and see a white My Little Pony with symbols of sundaes all over her back & one small symbol on her right cheek:: ::She looks up from behind the counter with a bag of cookies:: ::She walks over and greets you with a smile:: Hey I'm Scoops, you must be that pony inspector. Well then, Come on in..look around. Have a taste of something sweet...Just made some great cakes.. ::You smile, shaking your head:: Oh well then, have a look around then. I'm sure you'll like it here. ::then she whispers:: OH and if ya have any juicy gossip tell me please! hehe.. ::And with that she trots into the back, humming softly::

The Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe has served ponies since May 13, 1998

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